Interior Design Services Sydney

We’ve all experienced that frisson of excitement when we step into a new home for the first time. Wandering the clean, bare rooms and mentally plotting where our furniture will sit, we imagine the endless design possibilities spread out front of us. But sometimes, our plans get waylaid. The daily grind takes its toll on our free time and decorating just feels too much like hard work. 

A good starting point for time and motivation-pressed decorators are wall murals. Available in a huge variety of sizes, designs and finishes, wall murals are a quick and affordable way to revitalize a plain room with minimal effort, adding a flash of individuality to your home.

So when is a wall mural a good choice? Given their versatility, it would appear that the answer is ‘always’!

When you’re buying a new home

When you’ve bought a new home, your walls really are your canvas. Why stick to boring old magnolia when you could create a design concept that reflects your taste and personality? A new home is a place where you can truly let your creativity run free, so have fun and commit to large-scale photographic wall murals in selected rooms of your house. You could even have your own photo made into a custom mural – what could be better than a wall-sized family portrait in your new abode?

When you want to relax

If you’re looking to create an oasis of calm in your living room, commit to a feature wall mural that ties in with your existing decorating plans. Relaxing woodland scenes, waterfalls or blue skies dotted with clouds are inspiring backdrops that open up a window into another world. You could even go a step further and recreate your favourite city or holiday destination on your walls, allowing you to relive your treasured memories from the comfort of home.

When you’ve got kids

Wall murals are a great way to brighten up children’s bedrooms. Kids crave visual stimulation, so whatever their age a wall mural is a fantastic addition to their bedroom decor. Fun, colourful wall stickers of cuddly animals and favourite cartoon characters jazz up bare walls, and as the strong adhesives allow you to remove and reposition the stickers, they can be easily replaced as your child grows up.

If you’re renting

It can be hard to know what to decorate when you’re renting a home. While painting a rented property often seems like too much hassle, removable wall murals can easily be applied to just about any part of your house while you’re living there.

Vivid florals, quirky tattoo-style pieces and inspirational lettering are a great way to express your individuality without risking your deposit. Your landlord will never even know it was there!

If you’re afraid to commit

Committing to a full paint job might be a stretch for some, but wall murals offer a fuss-free, easily adaptable way of sprucing up your living space. Small wall art stickers are a fun substitute for framed pictures and can be easily removed or repositioned when it’s time for a change, leaving no trace of peeled paint or adhesives.