5 New Ways to Brighten up Your Living Space

You have just moved into a new home and want to brighten up the decor, or you just feel your decor needs a total revamp. Here are 5 new ways to brighten up your living space.


Are you renting or do you own your home? This will determine how much you spend. Even if you own your home, your budget will definitely determine the style and extent of the make-over. After all, brightening up your living space could include laying marble tiles, or just laying some designer rugs in your rooms. Make sure you get the best value for your money. This might be by recovering a favourite chair and adding some bright cushions.


Wall colours will define the room. Generally pale neutral colours give a feeling of space and elegance. But, consider a splash of colour for dramatic effect. Dare to experiment.

Wall hangings

A very effective and relatively economical way to brighten up your living space is by hanging art prints in your rooms. The size and colour of these prints will depend on your decor and colour scheme as well as the available space and the style you are want to create. Wall hangings come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can let yourself go.

Consider the following for your living room


Give character to your rooms by displaying items you have collected on your holidays or beautiful decorative glass ware or other items you have purchased simply because you fell in love with them.

These could be glassware from Murano, masks from Asia, wood carvings from Bali, or rugs from Turkey for example. The list is endless.  These are real conversation pieces. Build or buy shelving or display cases to house these items.

Window covering

This is most important and will define your rooms as much as the flooring and the furniture. The type and style of window coverings will depend on the orientation of the room and the size of the windows.

There are many styles of curtains and blinds to choose from.

Do you want to block out the light or let it in?

Will your curtains/blinds be mainly open during the day and only closed at night?

Do you want curtains/blinds mainly for privacy or to give your room style and character?