5 Reasons to Consider Flooring When Interior Decorating

Your floor is the foundation of your home. It is an integral part of each room and defines how you will furnish and decorate your living space. When deciding how to cover your floors, please consider the following  5 points.

Different types of flooring

There are many different types of flooring beyond the wall to wall carpets everywhere in your home. E.g

  • Timber floors
  • Tiled floors
  • Marble floors; and
  • A combination of some or all of the above

When looking at timber floors, there are endless varieties of timber and finishes, eg high gloss, a matt finish, parquet, or sanding and polishing the natural timbers in your home, if it is old enough to have real timber floors. You should also consider whether to install a floating timber floor or to lay floorboards or bamboo. If you live in an apartment, the sound-proofing underlay is an essential consideration.

Floor tiles also come in a vast variety of colours, patterns and material e.g porcelain, ceramic,  limestone, granite, travertine or marble.

Family requirements

Whether you put carpet or a hard surface like timber or tiles in any specific part of your home will depend on how these areas are used. For heavy traffic areas timber, tiles or marble are definitely a good idea, since they can be cleaned more easily than carpet and will have a longer life span. So, even though the initial cost to install may be higher than wall to wall carpet, you will have lower overall maintenance and cleaning costs. 

The great thing about marble or tiles is that they can be put in all rooms of the house, including the kitchen and even the bathrooms, thereby giving a  more expansive look and making your living space look larger. While marble can be laid in every room, timber should probably not be laid in the bathroom or laundry, ie “wet” areas of the house.


The amount of natural daylight or sunlight shining into your rooms will also influence your choice of flooring, and particularly the colour of the flooring. In a very bright, sunny room a dark floor can look very elegant, whereas a carpet may fade. In a south-facing room, you might consider a lighter coloured flooring, whether carpet or hard surface.

If you have a hard surface on your floors, you can soften this and add variety with scatter rugs, either oriental or modern. Scatter rugs do not sit well on a carpeted floor.

Which room?

If you decide not to have the same flooring right throughout your house, you will have to make decisions about what type of flooring to have in the different living spaces. This will depend to a large extent on the layout of your house. For example, if all the bedrooms are on one level or one section of the house, laying carpet in the bedrooms will not break up the line and expanse of the other area which is not carpeted.

Your style

The type of flooring in your house is a unique opportunity for you to express your personality and style. Since the flooring is the foundation of your home, it will determine the style of furniture, wall hangings and decor of your home. When laying any type of flooring, keep in mind the type and style of artwork you propose to hang on the walls and make sure that there is a synergy between the flooring and the walls, ie the wall hangings and the furniture.